Phase 2 Playground Thanks

Phase 2 of the playground renovation is complete and judging by the looks on the children’s faces during recess this past Friday, the results will be thoroughly enjoyed for decades to come!

Now it’s time to acknowledge those who contributed to the effort along the way.  Without them, we would not have been able to make this dream a reality for our children.  

Sincere, heartfelt thanks go out to each of the following:

You, the Sargent families, who contributed to the playground fundraising efforts over the past year.  It was your generosity that enabled us to take on this effort.

Dr. Foster, for your unending support liaising with school department officials and supporting occasional interruptions to the normal recess routine.

The PTO Board: Kristi Hale, Chris Farr, Sheryl Sciaudone, Elizabeth Crosby, Melissa Martin, Julie Ross, Tiffany Zinter and Jen Agosti for your guidance, patience, and unwavering support of this effort from day one, it was key to making the project go as smoothly as it did.  Without your belief in the cause, there would be no project!

Dave Fanuele, as the resident architect and demo coordinator, your precision talent and dedication to make sure all the details were thought through and the right logistics coordinated were critical to the successful start and finish of the project.

The Playground Committee: Kathleen Bass, Shannon Clough, Chris Farr, Bobbie Hedstrom, Barby Kodys, and Debbie Labrie, your perspective and input during the planning stages formed the vision and the plan.  Thank you for representing the needs of our children so well.

Business Donations

Peter Breen – for providing the demolition, mulch removal, and disposal equipment and labor

Home Depot & Quikcrete – for donating over 100 bags of concrete to help make our play structure safe and secure

Stop & Shop for supplying the refreshments and Taki’s for granting a significant discount on the food that kept the volunteer troops going throughout the day

Sargent Faculty and Staff

Karen Antczak

Shannon Clough

Marianne Ebert

Karen & Kevin Gildea

Debbie Krenzer

Karen Murdoch Lahey

Pat Queenan

Kathryn Sherlock

Sargent Parents *especially those that put in a longer than expected day Saturday to make sure the job was done

Mike Abele

Mike Agosti*

Rob Bambury

Kathleen Bass

Marie-line & Stephan Bellosguardo

Jessica Belongia

John Bissonnette*

Mike Cronan

Justin Davis*

Jim Demotses

Scott Eriksen

Dave Fanuele*

Andy Firmin

Kevin Fluth

John Glasko*

Kristen & Peter Gyorda

Diane Hastings

Kim Hearst

Sreshta Jonnalagadda

Kevin Keyo

Lynne Khater

Barb Klanderman

Cathy Koch

Debbie Labrie

Kirsten Lovett

Stephen Mancuso

Jason O’Desky

Chris Phaneuf

Jacqui & John Raposo*

Tom Patenaude

Pam Rivet

Julie Ruhland

Beth Stresser

John Tattan

Kristen Thompson*

Leo Vink

Jonathan Walker

Zora Warren*

Jennifer Watson

Chris Welch

Irina Wieting-Horn

North Andover High School Volunteers

Micaela Tetrault