Fun Run

Sargent School’s 2019 Fun Run! 

Our fundraising goal for the 2019-2020 school year is $25,000!

In order to reach this goal, we need to raise just $53 per student!

Now donating is even easier - the PTO accepts Venmo (@sargentpto) 

We want your student(s) to get credit for your pledge, so please don't forget to enter student name(s) and grade(s) when making your donation. All siblings may be entered on one donation, but please enter the amount designated for each.

This year’s Fun Run will be held on Friday 10/4/2018
(Rain Date 10/18/2018)

The Fun Run is the Sargent PTO’s primary fundraiser.  When students run or walk as many laps as they can, they help raise funds to support their school by having friends and family sponsor them per lap or through flat pledges.


On the day of the Fun Run, all students in a grade will run/walk laps (1 lap = 1/10 of a mile) on our course in the field at Sargent for a 25 minute time period during the school day.  Each time a student completes a lap, his/her lap card will be marked.  At the end of the time period, lap cards will be collected by the classroom volunteer, and the laps will be recorded.  Pledge sheets will be tallied then returned to your student for pledge collection (see reverse for dates.) 


Please have your child dress comfortably and wear sneakers!


We will have water stations for the kids to keep cool and a special treat of popsicles at the end of the time slot.


All funds raised are used to support classroom enrichment for our teachers, staff, and students and to provide social activities for our students and families throughout the school year.

This year, our goal is to raise funds in excess of $25,000.

Important Dates

 9/16: Fun Run Packet sent home - gather sponsors and pledges.

 9/27: Return completed Pledge Forms in your child’s class folder.

 10/4: Fun Run! (Rain Date 10/18)

 10/9*: PTO returns Pledge Forms to students to collect pledges.

 10/10-11/1*: Return money collected from pledges in class folder in envelope provided 

(only money received by 11/1 will count toward prizes).

 11/6*: Prizes will be announced.


*If the Fun Run takes place on the Rain Date (10/18), an updated schedule will be emailed.  

Any student who returns their pledge sheet and all funds by November 1st will be entered to win the prizes below. 

Fun Run Prize List

For the highest amount raised and money submitted by Nov. 1st!

One Grand Prize Winner*

Principal for the Day!

The activities will also include a donated lunch from Takis for the student and principal.


One Winner in Each Grade* 

Each student who submits all of their donations by 11/1 will be entered to win lunch with a North Andover police officer. Lunch is generously donated by Stachey’s. A total of 5 winners will be awarded - one student from each grade. The group lunch will be held on one day with the 5 winners.

One Winner in Each Classroom*

Each student who submits their donations by 11/1 will be entered to win a donated

$10 Mad Maggie’s Ice Cream Gift Card. A total of 20 winners will be awarded.

*Students are only eligible for one prize for the Sargent Fun Run.

Click here for a printable version of the 2019 Fun Run Packet (including the pledge form).