5th Grade Information 2019-2020

Updated 5th Grade Information 3/11/20:


Your child has created an awesome piece of art to commemorate their time at Sargent School. You will be able to order keepsake items from Square 1 Art with your child's original artwork (cups, jewelry, phone cases, ornaments, and more).  All proceeds will benefit the class fund to support year-end activities. You will be receiving an email with how to order your keepsake, and items will arrive in time for Mother's Day.  Please remember this is optional.

DROP It & GO - Saturday, May 2 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  

This is the 5th grade service project. Elementary school 5th graders throughout the district participate in this event in an effort to support the R.A.I.S.E. values of Service and Empathy. The event takes place at the Middle School. Students will unload donations from the curb and sort them into the appropriate local charity trucks. Signups for this event will be posted in the beginning of April. We will also need parent volunteers to make the event a success.  

ACADEMIC NIGHT – Wednesday, June 3 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

You will visit your child's classroom to see a poetry display. You will then go to the cafeteria to see a special student performance. At the end of the Academic Night, there will be a slide show of their years through Sargent.

MOVE UP DAY – Tuesday, June 9

On this day the students go to the Middle School and meet their 6th grade teachers. This event is for students only. Parents will go to the Middle School to meet the teachers that evening.

BROOKS DAY - June 11 all day (rain date is June 12)

This is the BIG EVENT. The children spend the entire day at Brooks School for games, swimming, lunch and ice cream! They get bused from Sargent right after attendance and return to Sargent at the end of the event. We will need lots of volunteers to make this day a success.


All 5th graders gather in the cafeteria to receive their complimentary 5th Grade Memory Book and pen.  They will have time to go through it and have their friends sign their book. Then they'll have an extra recess and receive a popsicle / slush. This event is for students only.

PIZZA DAY – June 16th

The committee pays to have pizza brought in for the 5th grade students and staff. This event is for students only.

CLAP OUT – June 19th (approximately 8:50 a.m.)

The Clap Out occurs the last day of school. It's when our 5th graders go around the school and say goodbye to Sargent!  All of the other students come into the hall and clap as our 5th graders walk by. It happens in the morning, and parents are welcome to come into the gymnasium to see their child off! You will receive an e-mail from the school with details and timing a few weeks in advance. 


We would also like to send a special thanks to the volunteers that have helped make previous 5th grade events a success. Thank you to Emily Cordaro and Maria Nardella for spearheading the Mama Mia Pasta Ria. Thank you to Sheryl Sciaudone and Jenn Waston for taking the lead on Winter Carnival concessions, and thank you to Christine Gregory and Laurie Lawlor for your ongoing efforts with the Memory Book. We are so lucky to have so many people involved in making this a great year for our class.